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2012-11-18 21:46:55 The Beauty of Friendship The "A's" are quote marks. It probably looks okay to her.
2012-12-13 08:15:42 Consanguity Sorry about the way it ended guys (and gals) I was almost to what you see as the end and had to go to the party. 1:30 am and drunk off my ass I thought it would be a good idea to finish and post. Whoops.
2012-12-13 08:16:10 Consanguity Also if anyone has something that they want written I take requests.
2013-06-15 23:51:21 Cancer Walk I will start to write that next. I just need to re-read and find where I left off and pick a direction
2013-06-24 22:51:41 Rex's New Pet Pt 3 Don't worry, Rex would never "share" Beth. Beth would obediently do it if asked but Rex wouldn't. I had that in place to build tension. I guess I built a a little too much.