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2009-10-05 16:47:26 Rachel - The Babysitter The best story i have ever read. I like your other stories too. You are a GENIUS WRITER.
2009-10-08 13:54:28 I liked one thing about you that this story was differnt from other stories. I have never read this type of story before.
2009-10-10 07:41:05 My Brother's Wife All those who are saying that i have copied then its totally wrong! I wrote it in my own way and if you are talking about sex between them this could be the best situation as she was just his sister-in-law. If you day i copied from Camping with Katie, then you are wrong as I got my story validated from the moderators of this website. They wouldnt have validated my story if i would have copied.
2009-10-10 07:43:27 Sex with sister Thank you man! I apperciate your advice and i will take care of my mistakes from my next story!
2009-11-01 12:11:02 Late Night movie with my duaghter son was 18!!