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2009-10-13 16:47:56 Who's Your Daddy? (A Daughter's Love) mm wish he was my daddy good story......
2009-11-04 10:44:19 Daddy's Toy To my readers sorry if the format is hard to follow, i thought it would be hont to see it from both people.... i mean for me its what daddy thinks that is hot, to others like my daddy lou its what the girl thinks and wants... so i tried to please everyone... but thanks for the comments and please feel free to add more i love to know what u are thinking HUGS!!!!!!!
2009-11-05 14:53:03 Daddy's Toy To my readers, i thank you for your comments, and i am sorry about the miss spellings.... and incorrect grammar but really picking on the fact that i did not capitalized the damn dog's name is a but redundant... and OK I really don't care if I am as you put it smarter than a 5th grader.. I did not realize you were perfect... wait right here while I get your cross...... to everyone else thank you so much for your encouragement... and I'll have the next out soon :)
2010-09-21 15:02:26 Spoke by mistake I dont care what others say it was a cute joke..... besides if they have better jokes why is it i dont see their jokes up here tell them to go to well u know keep smiling a flick off the haters.....
2010-09-21 15:07:49 New husbend ok this one i liked.... almost as much as she likes his family lol