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Date Story title Comment
2009-10-13 18:22:06 A Very Difficult Daughter This is one of my favorite stories on the site. I love the way you build your characters! Very well done!
2009-10-24 12:35:27 The House - Part 3 Thank you for the good read! We're waiting impatiently for the other chapters!
2009-10-29 19:37:18 Carlie and Me. (3) I thought this story was pretty phenomenal! Just as the worst fuck I've ever had was fantastic!
2009-10-29 22:30:39 Using The Sex Doll I would like to thank everyone who has given this a positive rating. It is my first effort at writing this sort of story. There is a part two, and part three is in the works.
Thanks again.
2009-10-29 23:13:39 The House - Part 3 I am very jealous of Paul! His tongue is long enough to reach a G-spot! I commend you for writing of a male character who puts his woman's pleasure first. I have always ensured in my personal love acts the woman cums first!