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2010-03-25 23:11:17 A Life Saved is a Life Earned dude that was awsome i mean i write but you can WRITE
2010-03-29 23:37:56 My stepsisters dude
2010-03-29 23:39:04 My stepsisters shut the fuck up its my first story im not a fucking english teacher like you nobodys perfect perfect
2010-05-24 22:33:35 My stepsister 2 Hey its me the author: I think I'll follow duck craver bobs story line it sounds interesting and i like the way stacey corners me alone. she always was hot and i never did get to fuck her but now that i can make things up for the rest of it, what the hell... dad will not be however showing up in the sex scenes i hate him and none of you (sorry, and some of you) dont know the kind of hell he put me and my mother and siblings through so sorry bout my dad not joining in
2010-05-24 22:36:06 My stepsister 2 I'm gonna start on it now expect it in about a week to a week and a half
PS i do like to get involved with my story crowd so make some suggestions I'm also an avid sci-fi writer and i could write anything you throw at me, i mean hit me with some ideas