Comments from Redlust

Date Story title Comment
2009-11-01 02:17:37 My Neighbor's Incest Part XII I guessed it! yes! for the win. another great story. can't wait for more
2009-12-06 20:35:58 The Homecoming Ch. 1-3 dammit I got up to the Dinner scene and I got hungry, I have to eat something before continuing. my mouth was watering over steak and fries when it should be watering about the women. good imagery nonetheless
2010-03-27 01:42:17 WHAT TURNS ME ON Another great work LT. You are an amazing writer as I have said before and undoubtedly will say again.
2010-04-30 03:31:10 An incest birthday chapter 3 I enjoyed it, I think you need to separate the dialogue into different paragraphs. Especially when there is a three person conversation its too confusing lumped all in one. Grammar 101 stuff. A spelling and grammar check would be useful too.
I also thought there were places that needed more development, there is no transition from yard work to date, which is jarring
There is problems with driving stuff . First he says he is going to take his test at first opportunity. Then is driving on the date, and it seemed that that was the same day.
The ending as others said before was predictable but fun. look forward to part 4
2010-05-08 23:46:47 Love at Second Sight Another great one DC