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2008-05-04 16:23:39 Béla the Vampire Girl - Part 1 (long) Oh my God! This was cut short when it was transfered to the new format! I bet all the other long ones are fucked up, too! Crap! Now I'm gonna hav'ta resubmit all this stuff!

Anyone interested in reading the whole thing pls e-mail me and I'll e-mail them a complete copy. Make sure the word STORY, VAMPIRE or BELA appears as part of the Subject or it'll get dropped as spam.

Sorry everybody... :(
2008-05-04 16:26:17 Béla the Vampire Girl - Part 1 (long) Gaaaa!!! It's been truncated! Now I'll have to resubmit it!
2009-04-16 00:22:44 Béla the Vampire Girl - Part 1 (long) Thanx for your comments, Tickling. I have tried to 'vanilla' this out, rewriting it several times since posting it here, and have given up on ever getting it publishable. But I'm glad there are a few out there who can enjoy it.

2009-08-04 16:02:31 New Beginnings - Pt 4 Ch 10 Thanx for posting, heffer - l loved reading that you enjoyed the Bela stories. Only about 1 out of every 200 who access these tales leave a comment, and I have no idea how many actually read them, so I really appreciate your post.

Best to you,
2010-06-26 14:14:22 New Beginnings - Pt 4 Ch 10 Sorry I took so long to answer. I haven't visited here for awhile.

To answer your question: Yes, currently is the only other place where I've archived stories. I did a series called Jurassic B&B, and posted it on FemGore, but the webmaster of that site deleted his story section due to excessive usage of bandwidth and the unwillingness of writers to help defer the costs. I plan to rewrite that one and post it, as well. If you want the current copy, just leave a message for DanK in the Forum's section. I check the message count each time I visit XNXX.

Again, thanks for letting me know you enjoy my stories. I love hearing stuff like that :)