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2009-11-09 04:08:38 Taking HIs Sister Yes its good but there we have once again a story with "noo, i'm getting rape....hey its FUN!" its getting dry and very sickening. Cant for once get a full rape without the victim enjoying it?
2009-11-05 19:41:53 Yes, i fully agree, spelling errors softens the dick. And also, the general trend which is so sad around here is that the writers all make the story too unbelievable. As though every pre-teen girl was sexually aggressive. The protaganists around here all don't need to work for it. I think stories would be better if they had described abit on how the main guy coaxes the girl or how he plans his rape etc...
2009-11-07 22:21:56 Young Lust, First Lust. Sweet Devotion. I agree with the guy. THis belongs a love novel. This is kinda softcore. But i seriosuly applaud the writing. *claps*
2009-11-07 22:23:18 Unfatomable fantasies I - Rape of Amelia and Yen Yi (Part 1) Hi, firstly thanks for reading my story! Its my first one. And if you thought it was good, do leave a comment telling me why so i can continue to apply it and if you thought i wasnt, please tell me why to, i'd like to improve. thanks
2009-11-07 23:39:45 Boys and girls together cough. this is bad. the lack of realism really is quite sickening. its like a badly directed porn vid. yes abt the grades i think you screwed up abit. elementary school is not wat you described. and wtf 'nipples as big as DIMES??" holy shit. pls be realistic. and refrain frm over spamming tags that DONT exist in your story. thank you. let's keep this X community hot. =) work harder!