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2009-11-11 19:52:51 A Very Difficult Daughter Hello Mark,
I've read some of the comments with raised eyebrows. For myself, although without sex, I really liked the build up, credible, not rushed and believable. It started losing me a bit when you went into your darling and lovely phase which I know has been mentioned before.
But for me the biggest fault with the story starts when Sally turns up, from that point it seems to be rushed. There seems to be no depth, in comparison with the start where it's always present. It feels to me like you were rushing to finish and wanted to tie up all the loose ends.
That said, I'll read more of your stuff because I enjoyed the first half of this.

Be nice
The Penguin
2009-11-12 19:05:25 My First Landlady Thanks for all the positive comments, Part 2 is awaiting validation. Am I missing something here? Doesn't True Story mean just that? This is an account of what happened to me over 30 years ago, trust me there's no anal in part 2 because it never happened.

Cheers - The Penguin