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2009-11-13 18:10:34 Very nice story, SSB. Keep it up

-baby, A.
2009-11-13 21:44:25 Oh Daddy Loved it, lil-B.

-baby, A.
2009-11-21 14:13:16 The Slaver Gets His Wish 13 I love this series... How about the next chaper? I want to know how things go about.....

Great stories, really :)
2009-11-22 10:45:03 Little Red I loved this story, I read it a while back and I just found it again so I'm commenting :)
this story actually inspired me to write a whole series/collection. I get my friends to tell me little stories that resemble somthing to the affect of bedtime stories. And I go back and edit them and credit the storyteller. I'll have it posted when I'm done.

As I was commenting before going into a little speech— GREAT story, I loved it!!
2009-11-24 21:40:01 Goddess in Chains I loved this story, a little short but still good