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2009-11-30 22:09:29 Ghoulfriend, Part 1 Thanks all for the comments.
Yes, I'm quite aware of how to spell Vampire; but as I said, I wrote this for a girl, and she liked her Gothy spelling, so.
I do apologize for tagspamming; I'm used to sites where they're used as warnings rather than as advertisements. In the future I'll restrain myself to those that figure largely in the story rather than everything even touched upon.

As for the future...I'm waiting for inspiration. I've got a bit more, where the cheerleaders get picked up by a policewoman who will be Zoe's nemesis for the next little bit, a mission to a sex shop that's a little too like her last mission for my tastes so I'm trying to find something else to interject, and the abduction of her mistress' next victim...but I'm just not feeling it yet. We shall see. };{D>