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2009-11-19 04:25:52 Late Night suprise Any comments to improve my writing are welcome, keep it constructive please
2009-11-19 12:41:16 Darker Desires Good read :D
2009-12-02 08:59:49 Noel Great story, I enjoyed the premise and excellent writing
2009-12-02 18:07:24 Aphrodite wakes part 3 Sorry, somehow my text make up is wrong, the " and 'are showing as code. I hope to resolve it soon.
2010-09-30 20:25:51 Lucky Josh part 14 If you want to be kept up to date on the new Josh posts, send me a pm and I'll notify you when a new chapter is up.
Apperently it took this story less than 30 minutes to disappear from the mainpage so give me holler and I'll pm/mail you for the next chapters.
Thanks for all the kind messages and mails I've received.