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2011-05-16 11:48:49 Daddy and the girls. well is everyone right or is everyone wrong here. there are two side to everything right. true, one can agree sex between a 47 yr. man an a 11 yr. baby is disgraceful. so true.but it is a story, is it true or is it the action of an over active mind, no matter badly it was written or how some of the words were spelled.
it is a stoy. is it free speech or a confession,or someone trying to clear thier souls. is it wrong to write about this stuff or report this stuff. how about reading it either on here or in a book or newspaper. can you get arrested. who is right , who is wrong, free speech says you can write it, but it doesn't say you won't be arrested for reading it.
so does that mean that 20475 people should be arrest for reading this badly written an badly spelled story.
ahhhhh what to do free speech got to love it :)
2011-05-16 12:10:40 Allie and I re-connect on Facebook loved it, took me back to that girl in high school too, wish i could hold her again, but heard shes rich as hell lol, great story hope you see her again for real.