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2012-01-10 13:15:21 The italics were actually an error; only the fantasy sequence (and the use of the word "It") are meant to be italicized. But you slip and put one / in the wrong place and this is what happens.
2012-05-31 04:15:10 Roses are Red (or, "The Red Girl"). Well, there are tags clearly marking the story as being "Extreme", having "Violence", featuring "Cannibalism", "Rape", and "Murder", among other things, that felt like proper warning to me. And I call it a sex story because it's clearly all about sex. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it, but I wanted a story that explores sex and violence and the underbelly of popular folklore; 'Little Red RIding Hood' really IS a story about rape and murder, after all (at least, going by one interpretation), and many older variations of it really did feature cheerful things like cannibalism, and so this story does too, by extension.
2012-06-10 04:06:03 Roses are Red (or, "The Red Girl"). I appreciate your opinion, but that's not terribly constructive. Can I ask in a bit more detail what you didn't like?
2012-06-19 12:56:35 The Changeling Baby. If you have a more specific question I'd be happy to address it?
2012-06-20 01:41:15 That was a good read. I rather enjoy the atmosphere of a salty sea tale. The prose gets a bit purple here and there, and I'm not sure the thing about getting turned on by watching a naked woman eat raw fish really pans out (although I suppose that's surely someone's fetish...), but still, a good read, with genuine conflict and a folkloric bent that's rarely seen. PM me sometime, it seems like we might have some common interests in source material.