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2012-07-24 02:49:32 The Green River: Chapter 1: Lust & Beauty Hey, congrats on the first story; it's really gratifying to be expressing yourself in a public forum, isn't it?

By way of advice, I'd first say, be sure to use the tags in the upload form. Not only will it mean your story is linked on more parts of the site, it'll also give readers a heads-up about the content. Second, I'm never one for preludes, warnings, or any other such waivers; your story will speak for itself, one way or the other, and these waivers tend to lead people to pre-judge your work before even laying eyes on it.

The story is not bad, but there's not much remarkable about it. Put it in a lineup with similar stories and it would blend right in, as there's not much in the way of a plot or characterization. This doesn't make it bad, of course; on the contrary, you've giving readers what they want up front, and more likely than not they'll appreciate it. But they might be prone to forget about it pretty easily because it doesn't stand out.

Congrats again, and keep w
2012-08-10 07:25:27 New Arrivals. You obviously didn't understand the story at all, my previous dear Anonymous Reader, and indeed, I prefer it that way. Please feel free to never read one of my stories again if you're going to ugly them up with your hateful, ignorant, racist comments. In fact, don't read them even if you're not going to comment. Just plain stop reading.
2012-09-18 01:35:39 A Pale Horse. Um, yes, ghost story. Was that not clear?
2012-09-19 01:59:17 a very bad nightmare I'm sorry, but this is almost unreadable as it is. Try breaking it up with some indents and posting it again, I'm sure it will prove more popular.
2012-10-29 00:17:45 Monstrous Well, it's pretty clearly a werewolf story, that is, if you read it.