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2011-11-10 01:44:23 Bloodbath, Case #2 - Part 1 Well if your work isn't particularly popular, at least a little of the blame probably just goes toward the violent themes, which turn certain people off as a matter of kind. Although I actually that you're doing this with gay characters, something you pretty much never see.

The story itself, though, is too brief by far, gives us scantily little to care about the characters before putting them in danger, and features some turgid prose ("sliced the still, cold air,") that weights it down
2011-11-10 05:46:24 Working Late Strangely, the previous commenter seems to be very angry at this writer for creating a violent fantasy, but himself has just indulged in an even more violent one.
2011-11-18 03:51:26 Eliot Walker and the Beautiful Angels. The chemicals et al. are supposed to represent the Angels trying to break down and understand physical existence the way you would computer code. That was the idea anyway; it didn't work as well as I expected. If I could, I'd probably rewrite the whole thing.
2011-12-11 05:53:35 Festival. I very rarely write direct sequels to things. If at some point I get an idea for another story about the same character then it's certainly possible, but by and large I believe this is the end.
2011-12-13 04:28:12 Ramadan. Hi, thanks for the feedback. That's not strictly true though; the Koran has several statements discouraging drinking, but it's not expressly forbidden. More importantly than that, the "1001 Nights" showcases people doing all sorts of things that aren't particularly pious, including, above all, lots and lots of fucking outside of marriage. The book's frank depictions of things like drinking and sex made it controversial in the region, but also are a big part of the secret of its longtime popularity. A great many of the tales included predate Islam, by the by.