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2010-03-31 15:29:23 I'm very glad that the server issues are done with so I can comment and rate again! ^-^ Very, very good story! It did seem dark and slightly creepy but very impressive! Can't wait to see more of your work.
2010-05-01 19:12:13 Test Hypnosis This was very, very interesting. I enjoyed it very much. While I didn't orgasm, I did feel very relaxed and, indeed, horny. I think perhaps once I read it more, I might experience more. Thank you so much for this.
2010-06-06 19:22:53 This is another hit, my friend. Another grand hit. Please, do keep writing.
2010-06-10 16:28:51 Loraine's Downfall Pretty good and the spelling and grammatical errors were kept to a minimum, which is impressive with a first story. I would like to see a part two. While this storyline is very overused, I always like them.
2010-06-30 11:36:27 The Library Crawl Oh, Mr. Mackie. You're insane. I love you.