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2010-05-19 00:33:20 My Life - young boys fool around this story brings back memories of a similar experience i had with a couple of friends at a similar age. only it was my sister who taught me, ( she would also go on to teach my friends as well)
2010-08-08 23:31:22 My Life 7 - 3-some with my sister and my best mate I think you should have all four together in the same room swapping partners next, relly enjoying this series
2011-02-28 23:47:25 Sharing my Sister part one please tell me where in any of the 3 parts published so far I state I was 15, Sharon was 15 I was 13. I am now 43 , yes I now my status says 41 but it doesn't seem to update itself since I joined the site in 2009

her hymen was already broken through sports
2011-04-16 23:30:03 sharing my sister part 5 no more updates, i am out of here the usual keyboard warriors hiding behind anonymity without actually having the intelligence to READ the story