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2010-03-26 11:54:02 My Slutty Wife Used as a Dog Slave Bitch part 4 Well this site offers the opportunity to post pretty much what one wants to write about in the way of brutal, sadistic and abusive sex along with animals, obviously to some this is very unsettling and I would be the first to acknowledge this, however there are some people and many more than one would think who actually indulge in this or even more sadistic sexual torture! So when it says fantasy and then goes on to list all of these perverse sexual acts including bestiality why would some one that is so offended by this story read it! I think that it is wonderful that in a free society one can write about this or anything else and this site is one of the few that allows one to do so and I applaud XNXX.COM for taking all the heat that goes with a site like this so that we can continue to do so! Hearts & Roses
2010-04-06 15:14:23 People Who are Pets Well, let the ratings reflect how well this story is excepted as for your comments you missed four very important points, one, I said they were well to do, not rich, and two it was not that they were owned or not owned as being legal, but how they were treated was the distinction and three, "a Bentley,...... a Bentley"? this, is the car a rich person would own and drive! and last, my fourth point Two young women one that had a beautiful and erotic fantasy as a young girl and the other older one that asked me to write a sequel to the original story would both be insulted and terribly hurt by your comments , but it is only fiction and in fiction everything is possible! Thanks for your wonderful and very constructive comment. The author
2010-05-14 12:29:37 My Slutty Wife Used as a Dog Slave Bitch part 9 Well thanks I appreciate your interest and the ratings do reflect some interest I guess I am just a closet sadist, but I have quite a lot more that is going to happen to young Sissy during her travels down this road of sadistic sexual perversions! Hearts & Roses
2010-06-05 21:52:47 My Slutty wife used as a Dog Slave Bitch part 10 Mystic Please go to the top of he fantasy page and click on sort by name and then go back to page 27 and all of these stories from the first to the tenth should be listed or you could look them up by the authors name. Charter eleven has not been posted yet as it is not finished and thanks for your interest H&R
2010-06-08 20:27:44 My Slutty wife used as a Dog Slave Bitch part 10 Reader, I am sorry that this is a problem, Between my wife's fantasy's and my ,we both have incredible imaginations and some times these stories take on a mind of there own and I just can't help it, you are quite correct though and that this story will soon become current and thanks all who have commented. Even the one who thinks I am an Idiot! Hearts & Roses