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2010-08-12 18:00:03 The Tennis Partners For a first story this was really good. Don't pay attention to the negative comments. Keep writing.
2011-08-13 17:06:46 Broken Bliss CH 3 I've read your stories and love all of them. Keep them coming. Don't listen to the person that said you spent to much time on the mothers past. That part was great. You should add Sarah into the mix. A threesome between Diane, Jason, and Sarah would be perfect.
2011-09-03 21:31:01 Very good story. Will look forward to reading more from you.
2011-09-19 11:58:13 Watch and Learn A very good story, keep up the good work.
2011-09-19 12:52:53 Ryan's dilemma I would really like to hear the comments from those that read my story. I am thinking of making another story if I get enough votes.