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2010-05-04 07:18:58 An affair to remember I wish I could find a bush baby like you - My only experience was seeing a bloke fuck a girl in the back seat of his car with the door open. I just wanked and wanked until they left.
2010-08-20 17:28:30 I meet my new neighbour and WOW Honey you can move in next to me anytime - bed would be preferred - I could give you all you need and more and I believe you could more than satisfy me.
2010-11-20 16:28:49 The Most Dangerous Thing Great story.
I wanked off reading about her having sex and his cum dripping out of her.
2010-11-20 16:31:43 Amish Girl: Raped By A Goat I wanked off imagining what she was doing.
I have actually seen a girl having sex with a goat and she liked it - its cock was like you mentioned long and skinny.and it came in her. We had to hold it though to keep it in her as it got really excited doing her doggy fashion.
2011-01-06 16:04:47 I had a similar beginning only the girl was 11. she tld her friend and I had her and a 13yo as well and we always did it as a three some but they only used their fingers on one another.