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2011-08-16 07:08:19 Thankyou all! Much appreciated :)
2011-09-03 13:57:13 Thanks. You can actually spell it either way- 'cum' is just a more modern spelling variant of the sexual/slang noun & verb 'come', used from the 70's onwards. I just prefer the old way. Thanks again, to everyone! :)
2011-11-08 11:21:21 On the one hand, I feel sorry that you never went to a school that taught you what paragraphs are (there are 13 of them in this story, not counting all the deliberate break-ups within them). But on the other hand I think that that's no excuse to make such a ridiculous comment.
You have my sympathy, if not my time.
2011-12-12 13:24:55 The Piano Teachers' Pussy One of my favourite stories on this or indeed any site. An exellent plot that truly enhances the raunchiness. Keep writing!
2012-03-05 23:06:41 Oh, you delicate sensitive little souls. I am truly, truly sorry about the paragraphs. Bless all your little cotton socks!
To everyone who DIDN'T feel the need to make derogatory comments, however- thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story :)