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2010-06-12 11:33:46 Little Lacy Pt5 Sleepover Great stories. Glad to see you are spacing more. I was loosing interest in your writings because it was so hard to read without spacing. I would suggest even more spacing, it just makes reading so much more enjoyable. Two thumbs up!
2011-03-11 15:02:44 Sharing a Room Good job Sarah. Your a good writer and it keeps our attention.
2012-09-07 16:12:19 I AM SO FUCKED Thanks to everyone who read my story. The jail thing was just a story line I chose but it turned into a forum, so I guess it was a bad choice. Thanks to the only one who said it was good. My story was read over 17,000 times and only about 200 people voted. I have decided not to write any more stories. It's alot of work and thought process for me for such little feed back.....skyler