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2010-04-06 19:45:08 Kate "Excellent" is the first word that springs to mind, when starting the read of elsj's "Kate". However, the further you get down the story, the more you realize that the word "excellent" is but a weak reflection of what your brain is beeing fed through the imagination of the author.
For "Kate" is more than "excellent". Everything fits right from the opening paragraph, where the reader is confronted, to his relief I might add, with renditions of excellent (here's that word again) conversation. Not stilted, crummy, shallow nor vague, but to the point and with the exact 'intonation' and choice of words.
The story itself is bulking with literary potential. Descriptions are great, plastering crystal-clear pictures all across the mind's eye of the reader. The flow is seemless, going back and forth between views of the local scenery to some inner musings of the main characters, without the reader having to go back and forth in the text to be able to follow the narrative.
Speaking of the main
2010-04-06 20:13:10 Nora - The Third and Final Chapter Since comments are restricte to a 1000 characters (which is waaaay tto short for a decent review, certainly for someone like ejls), I'm not gonna try to copy/paste what I wrote before. Besides, ejls knows what I've written, and that I love what and how she writes...

Third and final installment in the 'series', and probably the 'best'. At least, the part I like best.