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2010-08-14 11:34:10 Girls night out gone wrong! Thanks for the comments! Working on your Pt 2.

Sound like you're not getting it good at home, huh, miss married woman.
2010-08-16 20:17:15 The Debt Collector - Part 1 re-posted Yeah, thats why its called fantasy. Try writing one, maybe you'll do better. Anyway, I know the cervix fucking is a little over the top, but when a woman has an orgasm, the cervix will convulse on the head of your cock, you should try it sometime, it feels pretty good. thanks for the sick puppy comment btw
2010-08-16 20:21:01 Girls night out gone wrong! reposted format what?

yeah, i know, i got lazy, anyway try typing one up yourself i would love to read it.
2011-10-29 13:45:22 Peeping Tom Great story, keep it going
2012-01-21 14:44:10 Stephanie: As Raped As Can Be Ignore these assholes. Keep writing