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2010-04-04 14:13:05 Gas Station Rape 5: Return To The Station Off-topic to previous reader, things like this happen to children and even babies much more often than you'd ever want to know.

Back on topic: I must be honest and say that this portion of the sequel was nowhere near the quality of the others. In fact, it is my opinion that the quality of the installments started to decline after the first one.

It seemed as though you were trying to convey the concepts of the neglect and perversion and "breaking in", without having to actually having to spend any time there in the text.

And finally, one of those nigglers, there were some problems that could have been easily fixed with a quick re-read, either by you or by anyone else. Overall, though, for the series as a whole, I think I'd encourage you to keep writing and find your style (and find a friend for editing).