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2010-04-08 18:07:41 I am a daddy to my neighbours wife. Hey man would you make a baby with me too - I would love trying if you are anything like your character in the story.
2010-04-09 18:29:43 My Pregnant Neighbor Part 3 I want to get pregnant and be fucked by you - if itsas good as you write.
2010-04-19 19:05:45 Jilly Like all young ones - once they taste it they cant leave it alone.
2010-05-31 18:59:24 My sex life with my parents A kid of 8 or 9 and she is a sex kitten- not good.
2010-07-29 00:50:51 Good Vibrations I was 12 and he was 13 when we started and while it was not like this one it was just as wonderful - 10 years later I can still remember every detail of my first.
I could not help myself after the first time and he and I did it together almost every day afterwards experimenting and learning al the wonderful ways two people can have wonderful wonderful sex together.