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2011-09-29 00:31:05 Sebbys Way with Me Chapter One Plesse label your stories correctly. Boy/boy is 12 years old and younger. Your story is considered teenmale/teenmale. I stopped reading once I read that you were 16 and your neighbor was 18.
2011-09-29 01:08:54 Old Farm Fun Great concept for a story but the characters wrre too quick to accept the strange situation as cool. Also, boy/boy os 12 and under. Your story os teen male/teen male.
2011-10-19 14:31:25 Summer with Daniel I loved this story. I liked your writing style and content. I'm going to read part two now.
2011-10-19 14:51:56 Summer with Daniel 2 Great job. I love what you guys are doing. Some people are obsessed with fucking. Personally, I think it's too much of a pain in the ass. It's so involved and the prep time takes a lot out of you. Keep playing with your dicks. Do a couple of facials, maybe add some young friends or some older oned.