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2010-03-31 23:51:25 (1)The chapters are kind of short.

(2)I don't see how this book can stay this good at the way to the end, much less the next two.

(3)Thank you again says the broken record.

(4)I'm already afraid of the chapter named Hell.
2010-03-31 20:25:16 (1)Thank you for keeping the sodomy scene brief. It fits much more comfortably in this story than in my fantasies.

(2)First I read: "Another secret: not so hot at math, either." (In one of AP's comment replys.) Then a few chapters later I have to consult Wiki. to try to figure out what Calabi-Yau shapes are? It sure tastes like there's fiction hiding in here somewhere.

(3)Starting May 10th I will have drastically less time to read. I suppose it would be too much to ask you to try to write the third ~half million word book by the end of April?

(4)Thank you for a most exellent, twisted, and romantic story.
2010-04-01 21:39:39 (1)This is by far the best Cinderella story I've ever read. I already dread the words: "The End."

(2)Thank you for the warning against reading all of your comment that may give something away.

(3)I really like the apparent fact that the length of the chapters thins out those who read stories that they don't like. I assume they do it in order to righteously berate the author after they torture themselves by reading every word. (Of the "filth.")

(4)I know "the details of my life don't matter." But, I'm the cat that curiosity killed. Would Jessica happen to be your alter ego in some small way?
2010-04-01 21:43:59 If I only had a memory, maybe I could remember not to use quotation marks here. It's getting a little embarrassing.
2010-04-02 02:16:14 Thank you for not writing a chapter named Insanity. This one was a pretty small knothole to be pulled through. Awesome.