Comments from buichu

Date Story title Comment
2010-03-23 16:06:27 A "Unique" Friend that was great that ending made me tear
similar thing happened to me keep writing i enjoyed it
2010-03-24 18:39:08 Crazy fantasy pt 1 it was completely fucked up but id read the second just to see what happens next
2010-03-29 20:37:50 Boys at Play good story, more
2010-04-18 12:34:46 Great Vexations great story but it should not end there it needs more please continue it
2010-04-18 12:37:53 Great Vexations maybe i liked it because i can relate
i used to be the same me and my best friend where joined at the hip and like this i fell for him once he found out i never saw him again that was 7 years ago im still hurting wondering where he is

the story was great and reminded me of the good times with my friend thank you but still continue the story dont end it there