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2010-09-07 09:07:23 This is a great story. It is a modified version of a story of the same name by "Phil Phantom". I liked your changes. You are not the first to alter Phil's work. He has hundreds of stories drifting on the internet.
2010-09-18 20:28:15 Honey for sale I plan to wright at least two more chapters of Honey for sale. I Hope you enjoy them. It may be awhile before I can get to it however. I have to finish The tree fort and Shannon III part B first
2010-09-18 20:34:01 The tree fort Something had happened to this story. some how it became corrupted and lost the right margin, however it seems fine now. I did re-post this story under the title "The tree fort chapters 1. 2 & 3"
2010-09-30 09:54:46 A Step Father's Revenge great story. i want to believe that it is real.
2011-06-23 10:20:25 Honey for sale Sorry, No more posts on this site. I do not know where I can post my underage stories as these people wish to eliminate stories like mine and that is their right. It is their site. I do have part 3 and have started on 4 but I have no where to post pedo stories. ant suggestions?