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2013-05-21 23:31:14 Am I Strong Enough to Say No (pt1) Ty all for the comments. I will work on PT2 And post it before Sunday. If I keep it going will post about once weekly. Work prohibits anything faster.
2013-05-23 22:43:13 Am I Strong Enough to Say No (pt1) Okay I have finished part 2. I will posted Friday afternoon 5/24/13. Which part 3&4 to be posted by Sunday night. I think I have come up with a really wild ending that will make the story worth reading. And I guarantee it's not what you expect. If it turns out that all four parts are well received I have another story in mind this completely different in nature. Thank you all for the comments.
2013-05-24 22:54:07 Not Strong Enough to Say No (pt2) Sry for the wrong word for the title. was supposed to be AM, not NOT. let me know if yo enjoy it.
2013-05-25 00:54:19 Not Strong Enough to Say No (pt2) Part 3 is posted. Working on a edit of 4, might be sat or sunday for ending. but hopefully worth it.
2013-05-25 02:16:35 Am I Strong Enough to Say No (pt3) Point taken and learning from. This is my first attempt to write in over 29 yrs (since HS). I will remember this in my next effort. TY.