Comments from A55Man

Date Story title Comment
2010-05-09 13:21:16 A Very Difficult Daughter One of the best I've read. The characters are fleshed out and realistic, and the narrative keeps moving along in a logical progression that kept me reading all the way through, and made me anticipate a sequel, which I happily saw was also posted.

Thanks for a great story.
2010-05-09 13:23:41 A Very Difficult Daughter - Chap 2 - "It's your body Sally" Great continuation in the series! I particularly liked the "cliff-hanger" ending. You make me want to keep writing myself, so I can get to this level. Thanks!
2010-05-10 15:03:23 Love at Second Sight Well done. If this is an example of what I have to measure my own work against, I see I have quite a lot of work to do to improve my skills.
2010-05-28 15:58:30 Girl with no name at a music festival I liked this. Not too long, but set-up nicely. Good job.