Comments from ELaken-Palmer

Date Story title Comment
2010-03-26 14:11:29 the perfect little sister Very good story.
2010-04-25 08:34:00 As a fantasy story this is a good fantasy. There is more brewing here than is seen on the surface.
2010-04-25 14:15:52 I think it was a great story and a very good, creative plot idea.
2010-05-14 18:24:30 Fantastic story! I loved it. It had a real ring of truth to it and a wonderful sense of innocence, to it, as if it had been from the mind of the 11-year-old who told it. I believe the story and the passion and the pain and rejection of the girl. This was some great writing!
2010-05-16 21:10:31 This is just a fantastic and very creative story! I give it five stars *****. I think the ending is the best part and the set up, at the beginning, leads you right into it but doesn't give it away. This is a great little writer and her stories just keep getting better... and hotter!