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2011-01-28 11:47:39 Devil worship Not a bad story in build up - but I didn't get the leap from David doing doing her ass to how you had been involved fucking in the next paragraph (like it had been happening awhile). I would certainly read a sequel. Thanks for sharing.
2011-01-28 11:52:42 Devil worship I nice story with a good build up. I didn't get how it went from David fucking her ass to how she had been giving/receiving with you/husband - which kinda threw me (not reading as a short story critic - I had to just stop when I read that and go back to see if I missed something). I'd certainly like to read a sequel. Thanks for sharing.
2011-09-15 09:46:42 Forced to be a Fuck Doll I think a bit longer into the first sexual encounter would have worked a bit better. I'll read the next chapter tonight. You could then have a chapter per day or per encounter with each guy/group of guys.
2011-09-18 21:19:26 The cuckold. I can't say this story is a failure, you do have a select audience and probably most are like me (male) who may want more details in the sharing or degrading sexual components of what is happening and less on the story build-up. For me, it was a bit refreshing to get a bit more of that but I'd still like a bit more of the details as well. As a married man I explore this fantasy through stories alone as my wife has no interests in this area and this isn't the type of thing get's experience on the side. Please keep up your spirits.
2011-09-27 09:22:45 He Likes to Suck, She Likes to Watch It was a fine story for what it was about - could have used a few more adjectives and perhaps a sequel instead of the last paragraph being short - but we are nitpicking.