Comments from BurningB

Date Story title Comment
2011-09-28 10:17:13 Forced to Watch My Wife Perhaps like the critics before me say, the way it started might have a different outcome in real life, but this is a story. Although my wife would never play the female part mentioned and I would not be happy if something like this was thrust upon me, I'd probably still be hard as a rock afterwards. I think if you added this was a topic for a discussion once before then it might have made the transition a bit more believable for those wanting that. That didn't stop me from enjoying the story.
2011-09-28 10:38:57 Black Cock Dominance of a Sissy White Boy I liked it and agree a bit short. Perhaps another chapter of how you got to wear women's clothes.
2011-10-19 10:38:59 she's training me A nice start of a good story. I'm not sure I agree that more dialog is needed but it wouldn't hurt. If the dialog is going to be short then perhaps a longer part of the story. My real issue is in story classification. I look for cuckold stories and right now it's still just a dom/sub type story. I'd use the cuckold classification when there is actual cuckold play/discussion.
2011-11-02 19:18:14 habits are controlling Nice start - but cuckolding??? Better to use less categories unless it's really to topic of your story.
2011-11-17 03:41:02 Seduced by fruit and chocolate Part 1 Nice story - but please read the definition of cuckold. Not even close on that category with this installment.