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Date Story title Comment
2011-11-17 03:41:02 Seduced by fruit and chocolate Part 1 Nice story - but please read the definition of cuckold. Not even close on that category with this installment.
2011-12-04 03:21:42 My Wife Made Me a Cock Sucker Nice, about how I wish it would happen here at home.
2011-12-10 20:58:30 I liked it and the errors didn't deter my hard-on
2011-12-12 03:01:30 The Lesbian Next Door I didn't see this as too long or that the car discussion was too bad. Really though, I don't understand the complaint about a guy writing about two gals. If the commenter is reading that part as part of the edit perhaps they need to just not make a comment. I don't read stories like this often but found it perfectly fine, even with a possible issues if from the english as a first language audience.
2011-12-25 01:53:19 Jeannie's Story I think the previous commenter needs to understand what the work cuckold means and decide not to read any of those stories. I liked the story and certainly enjoy the fantasy of being the boyfriend here.