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2011-02-25 11:12:30 Harry Potter Loves You Part 6 like I said before great stories keep them going. just don't stop doing them dave
2011-02-25 11:16:11 Harry's Ladies 2 like I have been saying great work keep it going . just keep writing it Dave
2011-03-03 17:46:30 Harry Potter Loves You Part 7 very good story keep it going . very good in that it's a very good read just not all sex but has a good feel to it. can't wait until you write more Dave
2011-04-06 21:58:03 Captain fucks my girlfriend while she's on the phone with me good story in one way But if it had been my lady she did this I say don't come back ever . hope your stud was what you want.
2011-03-13 17:31:14 HARRY SHAGG'S HOGWARTS 1 I don't care what the others think about the story. I just say keep it going. If they can't write a story don't give a hard time to one that dose. Keep it going Dave