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2011-08-05 10:35:47 I found my sister stripping Ch 4 Great story I would have add one more chapter to it . Loved how you had him deal with both his dad and the customer in the bar . you had him do it the rightway. this I know becuse thats my line of work I'm a security guard. Would have liked to see a chapter on how the other girls deal with Geo and the others as they would know what they were like. think they would be wanting to know why the girls would want a younger bother working and living with them. But would have ended with him getting all three Pg and staying as a family like you did. please thiink about that?. already looking forward to your next story
2011-08-05 10:47:24 Harry Potter the King of the Wizarding World What I say is keep it going . To the ones who did not like it sign in and say what you like or keep your trap shut. to the young ladys glad you enjoyed it. You had the guts to respond to a gultless person who did not even really read behind the lines. you did say it was with your mom. now any person knows that a mom would not do that with a child.
to the writer looking forward to the next part. yes as the ladys said add more females to doing hary and keep ron a fagg
2011-08-05 12:31:40 Harry Potter King of the Wizarding World 2 Please lets have lots more and making alot longer. Was very good reading but to short. Would like the have more going on in the next part as they are both 17 in it they should have been bonded by the action. it would have been hotter if there had been 2 ladys doing him.
Keep it going and make use of what you did in the 1st part
2011-08-06 08:01:05 Harry Potter King of the Wizarding World 2 As allways you get the gutless saying this is bad or that is bad with your story but as they never sign on so you can see who they are. to those numnuts stop saying stuff unless you have the guts to say who you are. I enjoyed it but want it allot longer with more action in it.
2011-08-06 08:15:19 Harry Potter Loves You Part 9 So when is the next part coming hope you do it soon. The way you left it makes you just want to keep reading it . with all the ????? of what happened to them all . keep it going