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2010-03-29 16:00:09 My First White Piece of Ass To the other guy who has "a big black cock and fucked a white chick for my first time": My user name is a play on Azariah's other name in the book of Daniel. You know, like Shadrach and Meshach and me in the burning fiery furnace (at least that is what white pussy is like when I'm ready to tap it). I am a very religious person as you will see when my story "I Knocked Up Whitey the Preacher's Little Girl" is posted. But I have a few little white tails for you before that.
2010-03-30 19:35:03 My First White Piece of Ass Hey Alex, I was reading this story Backyard Princess by Daddycums since it was at the top of the Latest Stories list yesterday and the day before. So just now I read Chapter 5, and what do I see? You! You made the very same comment on his story that you made on mine. BTW, his response to you was hilarious.

I'm just sayin sperm breath. Get a life. ROTFLMFAO.