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2010-12-17 01:32:15 When I saw you as the author of this story I was extremely disappointed. I read the warning and decided to scroll through as quickly as possible so as to avoid reading any of it. My mouse ran out of room and before I could scroll down to the bottom, the word "bleeding" caught my eye. I felt my stomach knot up. If you wanted to write something disgusting and terrible, you could have written about so many other things, perhaps scat or bestiality? I really expected more from you and your excuse is bullshit. Many comments indicate you are a good writer and I would encourage you to use your talent in other ways.
2011-03-21 01:36:04 Peace Lovely. So much is not said yet you feel the passion and connection between these two. In the first line where he listens to her breathing, reminds me of how much I loved listening to my newborn infants breathing. There is so much love in that.
2012-11-06 17:29:01 Helena's Nightmare Really fucking hot! Love it.