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2010-05-28 09:43:31 Just me, second part an excellent start Princess
2010-05-30 07:53:22 mom son good gotta love the readers who read it, then complain thats its wrong
2010-06-10 19:38:28 My beautiful sleeping sister have to agree with Kali. One of the better stories i have read. Keep it up
2010-07-19 05:14:03 Teasing Daddy's Friend Until He Can't Take Anymore I remember reading this story a few weeks ago and at the time thought it was amazing...a real turn on....glad to have found it again, still works for me
2010-07-22 08:40:40 Daddy's Tease - Part Two in reply to Sentry4c....not afraid of anytihng..a wonderfully told story of grroming by a father who is after sex with young girls...albeit his daughters.....congratulations one a wellpaced, beleivable tale...I know how beleivable it is.......hope there will be more