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2010-04-02 17:05:39 I Love this story its one of my favourites ever
2010-04-04 19:38:02 One Summers Day Reply to The First Comment: If your 14 then what are you doing on a porn site you stupid motherfuc*er.

Reply to the second comment: I Never Was Very Good At English At Svhool
2010-04-04 19:45:19 Boys and Girls together (6) Good Storyline and great writing skills, How about another chapter?. I Would Prefere If John And Jennie Got Together again and she stopped dog fucking cuz, to put it blatently, its rank. Other Than The Dog Fucking its great story
2010-04-04 19:49:03 Boys and girls together (5) I Absolutely love your stories but dog fucking honestly is rank im telling you John Should Get With Jennie Cuz It would e Cool And I Kind Of Have A Thing For Her. LOL
2010-04-05 08:18:36 what ever happenz happens What A Load Of Total Shit: It Repeated about 5 times and the spelling was appauling, Also the fact that the author didnt use speech marks was astonishing totaly unfluent