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2012-05-28 22:49:36 Muse (10) Wow... Just wow!!

I have read many stories on XNXX, but I must say that I have never read a story quite like Muse... That one was overpowering to me...

I don't know how you did it, but please dont stop the stories... I am uber shocked that each and every chapter hasnt got at LEAST a 100% rating!!

All I can say now after that is a heartfelt thank you!!
2012-05-29 11:15:25 First incest experience with my mother Excellent story!!
Lets hope you get enough of a good rapport to delightfully grace us with a much anticipated second chapter :)
2012-05-31 21:22:41 Pyre (13) I finally got to finish this absolutely breathtaking saga...
I must say, its a huge shame that it's all over with....
I must give you my most heartfelt thanks for gracing us all with suck an epic masterpiece!!
I have read many books, some bestsellers, but this saga took the biscuit, seriously!!
You're obviously gonna have haters, everyone gets them, but I can 100% honestly assure you that I have never and never will fall under that category!
You are a seriously amazing author and if this saga was to be released, I would try my best to be front of the queue!!
Thanks again, friend!

Peace be with you, and then some!!