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2010-04-03 10:02:53 Fiona forced onto work!! Nice story, straight written, can imagine u telling me this down the pub!!, no fluffly bits

PS: its not incest!
2010-04-05 21:12:15 A Mans World You sound disappointed, what could have been improved?
2010-04-06 00:04:55 A Mans World that is fair to say, this story is in 7 chapters and has been posted (by me) in 7 seperate chapters - but people moaned trying to find the other chapters on sites, like this that dont have direct links

It is true that after chapter 5 i struggle, there has to be an end, and i stuggle ending it... many stories are half done on my hard drive

Thanks for feedback x
2010-04-07 12:11:38 Tales of An Internet Whore Thanks Mike.... Hmmm, I suck!!! LOL

Now words and insults aside, you are fair in your criticism, a few said this on other sites, the context and circumstances overide the actual sex scenes.... this is a sex site/sex story and in the words of another critic, its like a magician wanting to watch Harry Potter for the magic rather than the effects!

Thansk for taking the time out to comment, although coming twice was good hey!
2010-04-08 20:36:31 Tales of An Internet Whore oh my days thanks reader, thats made my day!! :) xxxx