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2010-04-06 12:29:45 House Warming Gift- Just Friends 4 amazing series, it was a very civil and realistic base and it has grown to this story of young lust. you need to get to a publisher's office and show him this, these stories could become the newest hit romance novels. all it would take is deeper suspense. you went all the way out of your own time to comply to us, your fans. i am only 18 but your stories should gain a reward of recognition of being the most erotic and stimulating story. you could add a deeper problem such as the best friend wants to hang with veronica or something to cause a twist would jump-start this small forum story to become a multimillion dollar romance novel.

i have to say after all that I AM GOING TO SAY SOMETHING THAT ISN'T PROFESSIONAL. would dinner be kinda awkward with the bother there and being half naked. plus the beautiful double V couple is most likely drunk.

but i am thrilled that i found this series. you dragon_in_bed, you receive all my thumbs i can put up for you.