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2010-08-10 04:03:30 Jenna’s Story VERY hot story!!! Wow, I can't even take a fist in my bum or pussy. I took a cock in my pussy when I was 9, and it only hurt at first. And I was cumming long before I was 9, when I would get fingered.
2010-08-10 04:10:54 And The Dog Made Three PT1 Omg! This is so hot! My pussy is sooooo wet!
2010-11-07 20:43:57 Everyones favorite "Babysitter" mmmmmmm, hot story! I like!
2011-11-03 12:50:13 First Black This girt is NOT a racist, good grief, she's from South Africa, things are different there, and she obviously did enjoy fucking the black guys, as she agreed to do another shoot. Don't you really think that a lot of white women secretly crave black cock because it is sort of taboo, or has been historically? We are all the product of our upbringing, and what we have been exposed to. I had many black girlfriends, and my parents had many black friends, but I still think they'd be horrified if they knew that while the adults were playing cards, that their little 12 yr old was getting fucked by a 17y/o black guy in the basement. The first time, it probably was technically rape, but I was mesmerized by his huge cock, and he fucked me several times. Daddy was a preacher, but his little girl was a bad girl. I'm 50 now, so you see things were different back then, and I lived in the south. Stop throwing the word 'racist' around so casually.
2011-11-03 13:01:12 Model to slut in one easy lesson Anonymous reader
2009-07-26 21:02:33
i dont feel that black dick is larger than white ones an i seen a lot of white dicks some that could rake of 12 silvers off a table top its not how long u are its how u use it


True. I've been with 3 black guys, and two of them were really big, one was just average. One of the guys, though, was so huge that there was NO WAY I could take him in. He got a little bit in, and it about tore me apart, so it wasn't at all enjoyable. I'm content with 6" or 7", and besides, I think thick is better than long, but not thick enough to hurt!!