Comments from ancdude

Date Story title Comment
2011-05-31 23:07:34 Island Royale: Epilogue Very thought provoking series, beneath the overt sexuality. Well done!.
2012-10-25 23:02:56 The Stranger Never mind the low rating - it's an outstanding story, gradual buildup, leading to sequel(s). Nicely done.
2013-03-12 22:47:41 On the contrary 11:46;23, I believe Mr Zondar does an excellent job of writing. The subject matter may be reprehensible, but the story is told with skill and excellent pacing. I for one was attracted to the story in spite of his warning - perhaps because of it in some perverse form. Each of has our own demon and I think he exorcised his with this story. Peace out - carry on.
2013-05-07 01:46:52 Like most of your stories, you have an amazing talent to involve the reader. It's a true skill to tell one story from the POV of the male and then another story from the POV of a female, each with accuracy. May we have a couple of sequels for this one please?