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2012-02-21 16:13:17 Sav In The Lav you definitely need a part 2. that was good. could use a little spell check in there though but otherwise it was good.
2012-02-24 13:42:31 Bully Chapter 2 Part A hey, ur stories are really good. and that kid and mental girl sounds good. type it out and ill check it out.
2012-05-07 13:55:05 Bully Chapter 2 Part A are u going to make anymore to this series?
good story. i enjoy them
2012-07-13 12:36:45 Knuckle-Head Ninja and Genious Hyuuga Part II : Drunken Hyuuga i liked it up till the gay scene. better with out
2012-07-13 12:58:45 Naruto's School Experience Pt.2 i like this story. please keep writting more. can't wait for the next chapter.