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2008-10-17 18:14:08 You have a great series going. I especially enjoyed part 4 when you taught Katy how to masturbate when she was in bed. I would love to read about Katy learning about her asshole, like you eating it, or using the dildo on it, or... well, I won't try to steer your story or anything, but awesome job so far. I really want to read part 6.
2008-10-17 18:15:25 (ack, that last comment was from me, I thought it would put my name next to it, but it just says reader) *rolls eyes*

Still, keep writing!

~ Chagrin
2010-07-23 19:13:52 First Time I like how the prologue and epilogue switch point of views. I think it helps that you show the thoughts of both characters, yet stays first person for maximum impact. Very well done.
2010-07-23 20:25:05 The Beach Just as good, if not better than Part 1. Getting to know the characters more helps aid the imagination and the connection to the reader, so I am glad this is a continuation of the previous story. I enjoyed reading it; I just wish the sex could have gone on longer. Nothing quite like a loooong tease :)
2010-07-26 22:30:11 Late Arrival Even more amazing than the first two. I could imagine it better than the previous ones, which is of course a plus :) With each story, you are becoming a better and better writer. I found the very end the most stimulating, and I love how it's both romantic and erotic at once. Fantastic!